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The origins of the place name Orawa, which initially was the name of a river, are rooted in prehistory. The oldest traces of human habitation along the Orawa river date from the Paleolithic epoch. The Vlachs (or Wallachians) arrived in Upper Orawa in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries and played an important role in the settlement of the region. The first recorded settlement was established by Sebastian Jabłonowski in 1558, who came to the region from Silesia. Polish Orawa was settled by arrivals from the Żywiec Valley and Podhale.

During the long years of the Partitions of Poland, difficult climatic conditions, poor soil,  famine, and disease conspired to produce a mass exodus from the region. At the end of the nineteenth century many people emigrated in search of work to Hungary, Prussia, and America. In 1918 Poland regained independence but not all border issues were settled. Initially, the fate Orawa was to be decided by plebiscite, but in the end the territorial divisions of the region were decided by the Council of Ambassadors in 1920. When World War II broke out, all of Upper Orawa was part of Slovakia; after 1945 the region reverted to Poland.

Development of the region began in earnest after the war, with a network of roads, the most significant of which connected Zubrzyca Górna and Zawoja through the Krowiarki Pass opened in the autumn of 1968. There is now a General Lyceum (High School or Secondary School) in the region. The Orawskie Centrum Kultury (Orawa Cultural Center) cultivates the traditions of the Orawa highlanders, their regional dress, dialect, and customs.

The region attracts visitors with its rich and diverse cultural traditions, magnificent landscapes, and exceptional biodiversity. Agrotourism is a major draw for tourists and the number of participating farms is growing; comfortable lodgings are available year round and the hospitality of the Orawa highlanders is legendary.

The Jabłonka Gmina (rural administrative district) is part of the Lokalna Grupa Działania (Local Action Group) "Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju Orawy": www.leaderorawa.pl.

Jabłonka Gmina (rural administrative district) municipal offices: 34-480 Jabłonka, ul. 3-go Maja 1, tel: +48 18 26 111 00, 26 111 20, 26 523 35, fax: +48 18 26 111 48, 26 524 68; www.jablonka.ug.gov.pl ; e-mail: sekretariat@jablonka.pl .

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